Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Most of my family has at one point or another worked as a server in a bar or restaurant. Hearing their horror stories has made me somewhat sensitive regarding leaving tips. Yet the more I eat or drink outside of my own home, the more I notice that tipping skills seem to be on a serious decline.

For those who need a refresher course, here's a great website I found today, which provides tipping guidelines for many situations, not only dining: For those who feel their tipping and behavior--particularly in restaurants--is immaculate, double-check yourself against this part of the site: Though I try not to be, I think I might be guilty of a couple of those offences.

That page also features some of the silly questions customers have asked servers, as reported by the servers themselves. They're pretty funny, and at the same time a little sad.
Anyway, it's the weekend. Go out. Have fun. Just remember that the fun you're having is in no small way due to the service you receive from others. Tip them accordingly!!!

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