Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comic-Con 2007 Wrap up

Okay, so in my last blog, I posted a detailed description of my weekend. Just in case that hasn't already plunged me deep into the depths of utter dorkdom, here's a complete list of what I brought home with me.

Minis/Sketchbooks: Einbahnstrasse Waltz, Flytrap 1-3, Family Reunion, The Hard Knock Life of Knuckles McGee, J.G. Jones sketchbook vII, The Good The Bad & The Fugly by Amanda Connor, Thongs You Know by Heart by Adam Hughes, 2007 by Adam Hughes
DVDs: Beginning Coloring v1 by Brian Haberlin, Trancers I-V box, Ultimate Guide to Low-Budget Production v1-6 box

Comics: 2 issues of Action Comics, 3 of Adventure Comics, Athena Voltaire issue 4, Bare Knuckled Fighter, Billy Bangs, Bushi Tales 1, Demon's Mercy, Genius J's Technicolour Almanack, 17 issues of Iron Man (including 1-4!), 3 of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa, MidKnight 1, Pantheon red & blue, Rob Hanes 10, Scar Tissue 5, SubCulture 1, Steve Bryant sketchbook, 5 issues of Superboy, 8 of Superman, 1 Superman Family, 5 of Lois Lane, 3 of Jimmy Olsen, Utopiates 1-4, 3 issues of World's Finest, White Picket Fences 1

Collections: 62% More Awesome by Dave Kellett, American Born Chinese, the Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, Black Diamond Detective Agency, Chips Wilde, the Damned, the Dick Ayers Story v1&2, the Girls' Guide to Guy Stuff, Hard-Bullied Comics, Korgi, Leading Man, The List, Owly v2&3, the Professor's Daughter, PS238 v1, Queen & Country v2, Starslip Crisis v1, Strangers In Paradise v16-19, Territory 51, Totally Spies-I Hate the 80s, Wasteland v1 (and issues 7-10)

Toys: Vanishing Bugs Bunny exclusive, Owly doll (guess who that's for, Roger), Grimace exclusive toy.

That's it! Now when the hell am I going to read all of this?!? Oh yeah, right after I finish Harry Potter!

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